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First they rendered our technology useless…no electricity, no means of communication…no way to protect ourselves from the coming storm.

And that’s when then they struck.
The Shadow Raiders.

Scourge of the galaxy. Destroyers of worlds. A fearsome race of energy vampires who leave a legion of the flesh-eating living dead in their wake.
With mankind in disarray, and the world in ruins, small pockets of humanity must battle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world unlike any you have ever seen.
Their only hope?

Five incredible robots created fifty years ago; artificial beings designed to act as our ambassadors to the stars in an age of innocence, dreams and endless possibility.

The Zeroids.

Lost in space for half a century, the Zeroids have returned to protect the people of Earth in our greatest hour of need. Armed with extra-terrestrial technology acquired during their travels among the stars, these five amazing machines are all that stand between the Shadow Raiders of the Black Nebula and the total extinction of the human race.

Robots. Zombies. Aliens.

What else do you need to know?

Before Voltron.

Before Transformers.

There was… The Zeroids!

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