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Adult tale of obsession and depression with a healthy dose of revenge
Dark humor tales of a rock-n-roll bassist who has a dual precognitive sight
An anthology of pint-size peril by adult-sized adolescents
Dark Cloud
Heroes vs. Villians
Heroics vs. Showmanship
One angry, destructive bean
Holy Avenger
Noir tale of a priest at odds with a sentient sword
Midnight Muse
The unseen muse guides lost souls
Mr. Nightmare's Wonderful World
Off-beat humor and the guardian of discarded dreams
Moonstone Monsters
A Moonstone anthology
Our spin on the "classic monster" concept
A dark, brooding introspective tale of love blurring reality and fantasy
Sherlock Holmes
New Victorian mysteries starring the world's first consulting detective
Sci-fi tale of humor and world calamity

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