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Simon Templar, part suave thief and part detective, returns!
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The Saint #0 (A)
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The Saint #0 (A)
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The SAINT #0

Story: Leslie Charteris, Mel Odom
Art: Eduardo Barreto
16pgs, color, $1.99

The first new SAINT comic book in America in over 60 years!
Soon to be a major television show!

The Robin Hood of modern crime returns!
He robs from the evil and heartless rich, and gives to the wronged and deserving poor--in the process, keeping a percentage for his own expenses. He doesn't work for the law, the government, or anyone else. He is a lone wolf…an adventurer, a detective, a rogue, but always…a gentleman!
In “The Sizzling Saboteur” - The Saint travels to Texas in pursuit of a man who has been sabotaging weapons factories, but when his quarry turns up burned to crisp, he has to contend with both the local police, a trio of mysterious men behind the sabotage, and a beautiful Russian.
This issue is a preview of the upcoming graphic novel, and it will be the only time this story will be seen in color, so get it while it’s hot! (2 covers, A= 80%, “smoking cover” B= 20%)
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