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Green Hornet & Kato
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055. The Green Hornet: Still at Large (sc)
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055. The Green Hornet: Still at Large (sc)
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Edited by: Joe Gentile, Win Scott Eckert, Matthew Baugh
authors: S.J. Rozan, Will Murray, Richard Dean Starr, Matthew Baugh, Ron Fortier, Thom Brannan, Bobby Nash, Bobby Metevier, Dan Wickline, Howard Hopkins, Patricia Weakley, CJ Henderson, John Allen Small, Rich Harvey, Greg Glick, Mel Odom, Win Scott Eckert
Cover: Doug Klauba
288pgs, 6” x 9”, $17.95

NEW prose stories!
- The Green Hornet and Kato's final showdown with the notorious Yellowjacket!
- "Clicker" Binney's origin story!
- Mike Axford pulls a sting on The Hornet!
- The Hornet and Kato take on homegrown terrorists!
- Doctor Fang returns, and Britt and Casey reach a turning point!
- Plus, a timeline of all 3 volumes of Moonstone stories fit into the chronology of the TV episodes!
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