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Crime Fiction prose
Honey West
tough and sexy female PI
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054. Honey West Files vol.1 Item Name:
054. Honey West Files vol.1
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The HONEY WEST files vol.1 sc
Author: G. G. Fickling
446pgs, 6” x 9”, SC, $19.99

The first female private eye is back in action: a volatile combination of Marilyn Monroe and Mike Hammer! First appearing in 1957, Honey went on to star in eleven novels and the successful 1965 TV show starring Anne Francis, as well as the current series of comic books from Moonstone!
For the FIRST TIME anywhere, the original Honey West novels will be reprinted in one series of books!
Most of the books are long out of print, so here’s your chance to catch her!
In this volume: “This Girl for Hire”, “A Gun for Honey”, and “Girl on the Loose”.
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