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Domino Lady
sexy siren who will stop at nothing to get justice
Spider, the
The most relentless and violent crime fighter of all time
*99 cents*
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063. The Spider/ Domino LAdy (v)
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$4.99  $0.99

The Spider & Domino Lady

Story: Nancy Holder, Joe Gentile
Art: E.M. Geist
40pgs, b/w, $3.99 A Return of the Originals event!

“The Lady and the Spider”. A tale told in widevision!
Be here for a HOT TIME in the DEAD TOWN tonight!
A catastrophe puts The Spider in the arms of lovely Domino Lady. Be here for the first time the Master of Men and the Sexy Avenger ignite the comic pages, as they deal with spontaneous flaming zombies!
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