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Airboy & the Airfighters
WW2 flying aces in breath-taking adventure tales!
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86. Airboy presents: AIR VIXENS
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86. Airboy presents: AIR VIXENS
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$3.50  $1.99

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Airboy Presents: AIR VIXENS#1

Written by Mike Bullock
Art: Ben Hansen
32pgs, b/w, $3.50

More story pages than ever before! From the pages of Air Fighters comes the first issue of Air Vixens starring Black Angel, Bald Eagle and Valkyrie.
When Der Furher sent Valkyrie to smuggle secret weapons and intelligence across Europe in a zeppelin, he didn’t expect Black Angel and Bald Eagle to crash the party, and neither did they.
Tune in for the first issue featuring the high flying femme fatales of the Air Fighters in this oversized, bombastic first issue!
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