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Spider, the
The most relentless and violent crime fighter of all time
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055. The SPIDER: Satan's Seven Swordsman GN Item Name:
055. The SPIDER: Satan's Seven Swordsman GN
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$9.95  $4.99

The Spider: Satan’s Seven Swordsmen GN

Story: Norvell W. Page, howard Hopkins
Art: Gary Carbon
80pgs, 7” x 10”, grayscale, $9.95

A Wide-Vision Graphic Novel!
The Spider—cloaked, fanged nightmare in black— delivers swift justice with a pair of .45 automatics! Set against a world at war, this epic adventure is laced with great over-the-top action foreshadowing James Bond!
The Spider battles the sinister Dr. Fuji and his deadly ring of assassins spearheading a large-scale terror attack on America!
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