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Flint #0 Item Name:
Flint #0
Item #:

That Man FLINT #0

Story: Gary Phillips
Art: Kevin Jones
Cover: Mark Maddox
16pgs, color, $1.99

Join (Vertigo) writer Gary Phillip as super spy Derek Flint returns to spin the swinging sixties on its head!
The Cold War is hot and so are the gorgeous mini-skirted women with their kung fu grip. Inventor, ballet instructor, dolphinologist and seeker of the third eye, Flint also battles dastardly villains and sultry Russian assassins.
That Man Flint is retro revisionist fare capturing the fun and excitement of halcyon espionage outings like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Steranko’s Nick Fury for today’s audience.
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