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Zombies, Spies, and the Wild West!
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680.  Rotten TPB vol.2
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680. Rotten TPB vol.2
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$15.99  $5.99

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ROTTEN TPB vol.2: Revival of the Fittest

Mark Rahner, Robert Horton, Dan Dougherty
156pgs, squarebound, 7”x10”, color, $15.99

One of the most acclaimed independent comics of 2010, the ROTTEN saga continues with "Revival of the Fittest": on assignment to investigate an undead outbreak in the Pacific Northwest of 1877, Agent Wade becomes the quarry in a grueling marathon chase; and in Chicago, Agent Flynn confronts dangerous anti-evolution protestors.
In "Love the Sinner"/"Hate the Sin," the agents race to stop the infection that's turning residents of a religious colony red-skinned, ravenous - and possessed, according to the familiar-looking Father von Becker who's seized control.
(collects issues #7-11)

"A great new take on the zombie horror genre that is smart, grim and gritty." -Hypergeek
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