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Honey West
tough and sexy female PI
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Honey West complete series DVD Item Name:
Honey West complete series DVD
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"A girl's place is in the home." Someone forgot to tell Honey West (Anne Francis), a "private eye-ful" unlike any character American television had ever seen. Created in the 1950s by Skip and Gloria Fickling for a series of steamy pulp fictions, Honey was introduced on TV in an episode of Burke's Law, in which she matched wits with Gene Barry's playboy chief of homicide (that would have been a nice extra in this set). A woman of exotic charms, Honey was seriously sexy, glamorously outfitted, proficient in karate and judo, and kept a pet ocelot. Who wouldn't want to see her in her own weekly series? Honey ran her late father's Los Angeles detective agency with hot-headed Sam (John Ericson), a former junior partner, who provided her with such Bondian gadgets as tear gas earrings and an radio transmitter disguised as a martini olive.
The first episode, "The Swingin' Mrs. Jones" establishes the show's cool vibe and cult appeal. Honey sets herself up at a resort as "blackmail bait." And over the course of the 30 episodes, it only gets hotter, as Honey pursues a gang of thieves that includes a Honey look-alike (and is fronted by Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone!), solves the mystery of a kidnapped rock and roll musician (Bobby Sherman), protects a woman receiving death threats, and foils an insurance fraud scam (in the award-winning episode, "The Grey Lady," written by future Columbo collaborators William Link and Richard Levinson). Along the way, she inevitably runs afoul of the police ("When your father was head of the agency, I never had any trouble") or enrages Sam with her impulsive actions. The cleverly plotted half hour black-and-white episodes feature witty dialogue, jazzy scores (dig the accordion!), and great action (Honey is a knockout in more ways than one).
By 1965, when Honey West premiered, spies and detectives rivaled cowboys in popularity. Honey was the first female detective to front her own series, and certainly the first detective to be spied luxuriating in a bubble bath. Honey West only ran one season. For this, we can reportedly blame the top-rated Gomer Pyle and the arrival on the same network of The Avengers, with Diana Rigg's Emma Peel. But Honey West still delivers retro kicks. As one high society hostess remarks to Honey in one episode, "You're welcome at any party of mine." --Donald Liebenson

As televisions first title roll female Private Eye, Honey West would take on any tough case. After the death of her father, the sexy private detective took over his high-tech PI firm. Being assisted by the rugged Sam Bolt and her pet ocelot Bruce, she could handle herself mingling with millionaires just as well as scaling a thirty foot wall.
Bonus Features: Episode Selection, Vintage Commercials, Anne Francis Photo Gallery, Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery Specs: 4-DVD9s; Dolby Digital; 900 minutes; B&W; 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio; MPAA NR; Year - 1965-1966
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