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Spider, the
The most relentless and violent crime fighter of all time
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060. The Spider #1A Item Name:
060. The Spider #1A
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Story: Martin Powell, Gary Phillips
Art: Pablo Marcos, Roberto Castro
colors: jay Piscopo
Cover: Dan Brereton
32pgs, color, $2.99

A Moonstone “Return of the Originals” event!
For the first time ever…since his beginnings in 1933, pre-dating Superman and Batman, The Spider now has his own ongoing straight-up comic book series!
The most relentless destroyer of the guilty the world has ever seen is back in all of his “bloody pulp” action! Even the Punisher can’t hold a candle to the body count The Spider racks up! There was no escape for Nita Van Sloan, abducted by a horde of inhuman monstrosities, doomed to become the victim of a diabolical experiment. The Spider, Master of Men, strikes back with a vengeance, fighting alone against the brutally brilliant creator of the Frankenstein Legion, in a desperate race against time to save the only woman who shares his darkest secrets!
And then, double-shot action with Operator 5 by (Vertigo’s) Gary Phillips (Covers are 75% Brereton, 25% Pagacz)
In Stock!
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