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Captain Action
master super spy out to save a world that doesn't know it needs saving
Green Hornet
Green Hornet & Kato
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060. Captain Action/Green Hornet Winter Special (B)
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060. Captain Action/Green Hornet Winter Special (B)
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Story: Beau Smith, Tony Lee, Matthew Baugh, Joe Gentile
Art: Eduardo Barreto, Giovanni Timpano
Covers: Mark Wheatley, Ruben Procopio
48pgs, color, $4.99

It may be winter, but the action’s blazing hot in this Winter Special featuring the spy-heroes of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate! For the first time ever, the Green Hornet teams up with Captain Action in a sizzling sixties showdown! Get your buzz on as for this prose adventure featuring these two icons!
PLUS: the Original Captain Action must confront a beautiful French Spy, a Communist Yeti and a 3,000 foot drop! And strap on your skis for another escapade with the world’s second favorite British Agent, Lady Action in this fun-filled, pun filled romp by Tony Lee. You know cats don’t like the water, but they really hate the snow! Find out why in another ferocious adventure starring Action Boy’s pet panther, Khem!
(covers split 50/50)(rare retailer incentive cover = less than 10%)
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