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Northern Guard
The Northern Guard
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Northern Guard #2
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Northern Guard #2
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Story: TY Templeton
Art: David Cutler
Cover: Jason Edmiston
40pgs, color, $3.99
During the Golden Age of Comics, there was a group of colorful heroes up in the frozen North of Canada. But these stories have never seen print in the United States, and the characters have rarely been seen outside of Canada. Until now.
Moonstone’s ALL-CANADIAN creative team tells an all-new story, updating these characters, complete with added, never before seen reprints of classic tales!
Competition for dwindling water and power resources have led the world to the brink of war. A mad Russian physicist attempts to impose his own peace on the belligerent nations, and sets off a device meant to disarm all the radioactive material on Earth.
It was supposed to result in no more nuclear devices, peace for all time. - instead it plunges most of the planet into a permanent blackout. A new, electricity-free Dark Age, from which there seems to be no escape. All except for a one long stretch of North America -- a hundred miles wide and three thousand miles long -- through Alaska, across Canada, and down to Detroit through to New York City -- the power is still working and the lights are still on. And the Red Rogue’s device that set all this in motion, seems to have given the locals super-powers.
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