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Sheena vol.2 DVD
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Sheena vol.2 DVD
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A figure flashes through the trees, swinging on a vine. One glimpse of the long blonde mane and the golden skin tells you - it's not Tarzan - it's the beautiful queen of the Kenyan jungle, the legendary Sheena. An orphan raised by wild animals, she commands the respect of the local tribesmen and of her friend, safari guide Bob Rayburn. Statuesque beauty Irish McCalla is perfectly cast as the leopard-skin clad heroine, who was based on a popular comic strip character of the same name. The TV series, filmed almost entirely on outdoor locations in Mexico, ran for only 26 episodes in 1955, but it garnered a very enthusiastic audience during its short run.

Eyes of the Idol: A hideous demon god with blazing eyes and a deafening roar terrifies a superstitious tribe.

Forbidden Cargo: Gun smugglers bring more than rifles into the jungle - one member of the gang is infected with typhoid fever.

The Secret of the Temple: A doctor, obsessed with discovering a fabled Fountain of Youth, forces Sheena to lead him to a forbidden temple.

The Leopard Men: The Jungle Queen is accused of murders committed by a secret cult of Leopard Men.

Forbidden Land: A lady film-maker demands that Sheena guide her into a dangerous region despite the Jungle Queen's objections.
1955, b/w, 2hr, 10min
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