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Kennel Murder Case/British Intelligence DVD
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Kennel Murder Case/British Intelligence DVD
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1933 USA – 85 Minutes
Black & White – Mystery
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Starring William Powell & Mary Astor

Powell, playing detective Philo Vance, finds himself embroiled in the mystery of a wealthy man’s suicide. Vance soon discovers that this case clearly is no suicide but murder. The usual suspects, bumbling cops, and a myriad of clues surround our hero as he attempts to solve the case. BRITISH INTELLIGENCE
1940 USA – 61 Minutes
Black & White – Thriller
Directed by Terry O. Morse
Starring Boris Karloff & Margaret Lindsay

Set in the middle of World War I British forces on the front line are being slaughtered because of a German spy ring operating in London. It turns out that the British Government itself has been infiltrated and the British Secret Service is on the case. The script is written in double entendre so that as the actors move from scene to scene the viewers are kept off balance. Boris Karloff and Margaret Lindsay play two spies caught up in a cat and mouse game with the British Secret Service throughout the film. Not until the end of the last reel will the German spy be revealed in this excellent early thriller.
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