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The Lone Ranger: Clayton Moore DVD
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The Lone Ranger: Clayton Moore DVD
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Clayton Moore in The Legend of the Lone Ranger (MRG-0002)

(Western - 1949 - 69 min. - B&W)
Directed by George B. Seitz
Starring Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels

Mount old paint and ride with the most famous lawman of all time, The Lone Ranger. Here begins the tale of a man who always shot to wound, not kill and never sought personal reward for cleaning up the desperadoes. Hi Ho Silver… Away!!!
Clayton Moore stars as the masked crime fighter and Jay Silverheels plays his trusty sidekick Tonto in The Legend of the Lone Ranger, a collection of the first three episodes of The Lone Ranger television western.
As an added bonus, this DVD also includes one additional in-color episode from the series, “A Message From Abe”, originally broadcast 7 February 1957.
“This disc version is the best I've seen so far of a title making its way into the public domain. The print is in fine shape and was cleaned up before transfer, adding to its value. Clayton Moore fans will be pleased with this early television classic DVD.” — DVD Corner
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