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KOLCHAK: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
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294. Kolchak: Night Stalker Files #1(B)
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294. Kolchak: Night Stalker Files #1(B)
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KOLCHAK: The Night StalkerFiles #1

Story: Chris Mills
Art: Jaime Martinez
Cover: Mark Maddox
32pgs, color

Night stalking reporter Carl Kolchak doesn't have time for horror movies. His life is scary enough – and now he's between jobs and desperate for a paycheck. But when a young actress goes missing on the set of a low-budget monster flick, he soon discovers that making it big in Hollywood can be murder!
(covers: Hinton = 68%, Maddox =22%, Ulanksi =5%, Maddox sketch =5%)
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