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Honey West
tough and sexy female PI
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497. Honey West #2 (A) Item Name:
497. Honey West #2 (A)
Item #:

Story: Trina Robbins,
Art: Cynthia Martin
Colors: Ken Wolak,
Covers: Malcolm McClinton
32pgs, color, $3.99
The return of the world’s first female private eye in fiction and on TV! As tough as Mike Hammer and as sultry as Marilyn Monroe! Topless piano player Mimi Malloy walks into Honey West's office saying there's been a double homicide at her nightclub, the Purple Pussy. Join us as our favorite girl detective goes undercover as a go-go dancer and mixes it up with Hollywood hippies to uncover the "Killer on the Keys."
(Covers: McClinton = 60%, Color Photo = 25%, Anne Francis photo= 15%)
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