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Vampire, PA.
Vampires in suburbia? Dean Marklin didn’t think so. In fact, he didn’t believe in vampires at all. Then he met one.
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Vampire, PA #3 (A) Item Name:
Vampire, PA #3 (A)
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$3.99  $1.99

Story:J.C. Vaughn
Art: Brendon Fraim / Brian Fraim
32pgs, color

The concluding chapter of the first Vampire, PA mini-series finds Dean desperate to track down the vampires who grabbed Dee-Dee, and he’s not about to let their minions stand in his way. It’s an all-or-nothing series of battles across Dormont with one life and many un-lives hanging in the balance. Also in this issue: two more chapters of Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo, leading into the upcoming Zombie-Proof one-shot! 30 pages of story and art. (Covers: Brendon & Brian Fraim = 75%, wraparound Jacob Jordan =25%)
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