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master super spy out to save a world that doesn't know it needs saving
master illusionist
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255. Captain Action: #1 (modern)
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255. Captain Action: #1 (modern)
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Story: Fabian Nicieza, Marv Wolfman
Art: Mark Sparacio
Colors: James Brown
The new Captain Action has to take down the superhuman targets who have been co-opted by the Red Crawl. He’s got to put them out of commission in a hurry…by whatever means necessary. Cap learns there’s an extra bonus by using the dermaplast genetic manipulation gunk to disguise himself as someone else…but the bonus comes at a price! And yes, we know you’ve heard this before, but man-o-man, be ready for this SHOCKER of an ending! Includes the Moonstone debut of MANDRAKE the Magician, as well as Fantomas! Cover by Sparacio. 32pgs, color,
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