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Phantom, The
high adventure and intrigue in today's Africa
Spider, the
The most relentless and violent crime fighter of all time
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068. Phantom: Double Shot KGB Noir #6B Item Name:
068. Phantom: Double Shot KGB Noir #6B
Item #:

PHANTOM Double Shot #6: KGB Noir (of 6)

Stories: Mike Bullock, Joe Gentile
Art: Fernando Peniche, David Flora
Cover: Dennis Calero, Doug Klauba
24pgs, b/w, $2.99

A Special Noir Mini-Series Starring The Phantom with Tectonic Tie-In Tales Featuring Moonstone Books’ Best and Brightest Stars! *The Phantom hits the nail on the head…with the Hammer…to conclude this gritty six part story with a bang! And then, The Spider is out for revenge as an innocent woman and child is killed and NKVD agents are roaming the streets looking to take down one of their own! (2 covers: regular version = 75%, “white cover” = 25%)
In Stock!
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