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mechanical throw-back protectors of the earth
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Zeroids #1C
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Zeroids #1C
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Zeroids #1

Story: Aaron Shaps
Art: Robert Castro
Colors: Jason Jensen
Lmt Ed Cover: by Chris Short

Dangerous aliens. Flesh-eating zombies. Smokin’ hot sorority babes. These aren’t your daddy’s robots!
It’s true what they say: they just don’t make ‘em like they used to. After spending decades in space, five incredible robots, the ZEROIDS, return to Earth during humanity’s darkest hour. Their mission: to defend our world from a race of insidious alien energy vampires. Armed with extraterrestrial technology acquired among the stars, the Zeroids are all that stand between mankind and an alien-engineered zombiegeddon…but before they can help us, the Zeroids must first enlist the help of a U.S. Air Force ace and a beautiful Cornell sorority co-ed.

The beloved toy series comes to life in this exciting new post-apocalyptic adventure series! Cover artist Chris Short takes a break from his NEWSWEEK gig to do al cool cover for us!
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