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master super spy out to save a world that doesn't know it needs saving
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079. Captain Action Season 2, #1(C)
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079. Captain Action Season 2, #1(C)
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CAPTAIN ACTION, Season 2, #1
Story: Steven Grant, Rafael Nieves
Art: Manuel martin, Steve Scott
Colors: James Brown Covers: Mark Texiera
32pgs, color, $3.99
limited edition

Back in Action! The”original action figure” is back for more thrills, more intrigue, more heroes and even more villains, as award-winning writer Steven Grant hits the ground running in this new ongoing series. Picking up right after the first mini, the reluctant, new Captain Action finds himself fighting a war that the world doesn’t realize already has already been lost!
Each issue showcases a full-length Captain Action adventure and one back-up tale featuring characters such as Lady Action and Dr. Eville! First-up: a glimpse into the early days of Action Boy. (Each cover available separately)
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