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403. Zombies vs Cheerleaders Geek Spec(E)
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403. Zombies vs Cheerleaders Geek Spec(E)
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(W) Rich Koslowski, Steven L.
(A) Rich Koslowski, Jim Kyle, David Namisato
EXREMELY RARE cover edition!
The 3 Geeks are back! Disaster awaits The 3 Geeks as they find themselves at a Cheerleader camp (as Cheerleaders?!!!) infested with Zombies! Laughs and devastation follow. Plus, two killer back-up stories. Covers by Rich Koslowski, Jason Metcalf, Rich Bonk, and Patrick Finch. The back cover is sketch friendly!
32pgs, color, $3.99
(Koslowski = 50%, Metcalf = 20%, Bonk = 20%, Finch = 10%)
We're sorry, this item is currently out of stock!
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