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080. Captain Action Trading Card Set
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080. Captain Action Trading Card Set
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Captain Action Enterprises is proud to launch the very first collectible Captain Action Trading Card Set. In the forty year history of this great character it has never been done. The uniqueness of the concept will ensure it instantly becomes a sought after collectible. This fifty card set will be packaged and sold complete and in its entirety. It will be shipped in one of four decorative plastic retro containers (blue/ red/ yellow/ green). Each set will also include a unique 51st Chase Magnetic Card. Again, there has never been a Captain Action magnet and this Special Chase Card is sure to become a hot collectible. Each container will include the following:
A) Full Set of Trading Cards (50 cards total)
B) Three of the above cards will be creator autographed cards guaranteed included in every set.
C) Special chase card- first ever “Magnet Card”.
D) Full Color Metal Captain Action Logo Pin as part of box top package.
G) Certificate of authenticity.
Gil Kane- . Paul Gulacy- . Mike Allred- . Dick Giordano- . Ruben Procopio- . Jim Alexander- . Carmine Infantino- . Mariano Nicieza- . Art Thibert- . Tom Smith- . Murphy Anderson- . Mark Sparacio- . Brian Roll- . Ron Frenz and more!
We have pulled out all of the stops to create a masterful set of cards that will appeal to old collectors and new fans. Composed of six subsets; “Captain Action”, “Action Boy”, “Lady Action”, “Concept Art”, “Cover Gallery”, and “Vintage Art”, the full set presents colorful new and restored art in handsomely designed cards.
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