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high adventure and intrigue in today's Africa
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078. Phantom Generations Special
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078. Phantom Generations Special
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Story: Justin Gray, Mike Bullock, Aaron Shaps
Art: John Toledo, Norman Lanting, Mick Collins
Cover: Eugenio Mattozzi
72pgs, color, $7.50
Three brand new tales in one giant-sized mag! In “Final Roar”, join the 14th Phantom in the hunt for a rogue lion who is responsible for the deaths of many villagers…and then begins to stalk the Phantom!
In "Priceless", the 15th Phantom returns to Africa to find the perfect diamond for his betrothed, but what awaits him is far more than a pretty gem!
And in “Ghost Drum”, Venture to the wild west with the 16th Phantom, where the Masked Cowboy must battle for his life, and his soul, against an legendary murderer...
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