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KOLCHAK: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
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300. Kolchak: Lovecraft Damnation
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300. Kolchak: Lovecraft Damnation
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Kolchak: Lovecraftian Damnation
Story: CJ Henderson, Art: Robert Hack
Colors: Evan Shaner, Covers: Robert Hack
48pgs, color, $4.99

Tired of waiting for either fame or fortune, all Carl Kolchak really wants out of life is a good meal washed down by good Scotch. As you might guess, once again even such modest wishes aren't in the cards. This time around, the man in the pork pie hat is beset by not only an all-powerful horror from beyond, but one that has gained both a staggering intellect and Necronomicon! Told in “widevision”! (Robert Hack cover=75%, Klauba cover=25%)
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