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PULP HEROES: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
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Captain Zero
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Captain Zero
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Captain Zero as a crime fighting pulp hero. Lee Allyn is cursed with a mysterious capability of becoming invisible at the stroke of midnight and re-appears at dawn. Only his eyes are visible providing an achilles heal. Using this power, Captain Zero battles crime and the underworld.

Published by Popular Publications starting in 1949, lasting three issues at the tail end of the pulp fiction magazine era. All three Captain Zero stories were written by G.T. Fleming-Roberts (1910 - 1968) who wrote for a number of the detective pulps but usually with a flair towards the mystery and suspense rather than the typical hard boiled detective. Magazines for which his stories appeared include Action Adventure Stories, Dime Detective, Dime Mystery, Detective Tales, Ten Detective Aces, Thrilling Detective and Thrilling Mystery.
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