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PULP HEROES: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
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Moon Man
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Moon Man
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Steve Thatcher is a handsome Detective Sergeant with the Great City police department. A dedicated officer, Steve's life is deeply entrenched in the department for reasons beyond his own career. His father is the Chief of Police. The father of Steve’s girlfriend (Sue McEwen) is a Detective Lieutenant on the same force. The virtues of truth and fairness run hot in Steve's veins. He does all he can to combat crime and bring justice to victims of crime and down on the heads of criminals. Little does the police department know, however, that one Steve does much of his crime fighting disguised as the department's elusive nemesis, a black-caped crime fighter they call the Moon Man.

As the Moon Man, Steve Thatcher hides his true identity by wearing dark clothing and a reflective Argus glass globe over his head (which allows him to see out but not allow others to see him). Using wits, stealth, and his 45 automatic, he robs from the rich and gives to the poor, a regular 1930's Robin Hood. His friend and companion, ex-boxer Ned Dargan, helps with these clandestine operations.

In the stories Cortney Skinner and I have in the works, the Moon Man, with the help of Ned and Sue, have much wrong to right and evil to overcome. In "Feint of Heart," the Moon Man must rescue a young woman, who trained and worked briefly as a "female exhibition boxer," and who now lives on the streets, hiding in Great City's dark shadows from a foul, power-crazed, wealthy city council member. This man had been her guardian and raised her as a child. Now the man wants her back for his own selfish and lustful reasons. In "Night of the Silver Zeppelin," counterfeiting, Nazis, and a greedy automobile designer threaten to destabilize the US economy. Steve Thatcher as the Moon Man, along with Sue and Ned, must devise a bold plant in an attempt to stop the evil scheme.

Elizabeth Massie
Moonstone's "Return of the Originals"
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