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PULP HEROES: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
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Secret Agent X
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Secret Agent X
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he is the man of a Thousand Faces, feared by the underworld, mistrusted by the police, and an enigma to the public.
The government denies all knowledge of X, while secretly employing him against the kind of criminals that ordinary operatives cannot touch.
No one knows his true identity, not his government handler, not the fiends he vanquishes, not even the woman who loves him.
As a master of diguise, he could be anyone, anywhere. You will never see him coming.

Secret Agent X was created in 1934 by Paul Chadwick. His adventures were written by Chadwick, and a series of other authors all using the alias "Brant House", for 41 issues until its cancellation in 1939. X used his superb mental and physical conditioning, martial arts skills, ingenious gadgets, and especially his mastery of disguise to fight the most brilliants and sadistic villains.

Moonstone will be producing all new adventures of X, as The Man of a Thousand Faces returns to action.
He is the greatest hero we'll never know.

Matthew Baugh
Moonstone's "Return of the Originals"
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