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PULP HEROES: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
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the Secret 6
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the Secret 6
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The premise of The Secret 6 was deceptively simple but pure pulp. An enigmatic adventurer known only as King busts out of Death Row to form an anti-crime group called The Secret 6. The others include The Key, The Doctor, Shakespeare, The Bishop, and Luga, as well as numerous underworld stoolpigeons and hangers-on. All are wanted. So they operate outside the law.
The work of the wildly imaginative Robert J. Hogan, who pitted his World War I flying ace, G-8, against zombies, Martians. defrosted Viking warriors, and other bizarre foes, The Secret 6 battled humans the size of King Kong, a Mayan Bat-Man, a giant golden alligator and other outrageous menaces. Few pulp series stretched reality as did this four-issue Popular Publications title from 1934. There were no limits. That’s what made it a terrific read.
My attraction to this series was not King and his mysterious band so much as it was the opportunity to write over-the-top pulp villains and menaces. For the return of The Secret 6, I decided to reintroduce the band and their milieu via a popular B-movie device. A strange meteorite lands near their Long Island hideout and when they investigate, two members of The Secret 6 are…transformed.
How the remaining group members deal with the meteoric contagion spreading like wildfire through Long Island is the exciting conflict which drives “The Meteor Men.” After that, they’re off to the Canadian border to investigate reports of a strange snow creature in “Wendigo Walker.”

Will Murray
Moonstone's "Return of the Originals"
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