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PULP HEROES: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
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The Phantom Detective
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The Phantom Detective
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The World’s Greatest Sleuth, Richard Curtis Van Loan, known to the public at large as the Phantom Detective, was created by writer D.L. Champion. He first appeared in Thrilling Publications’ The Phantom Detective # 1 in 1933, and was the second true pulp-era crime-fighter after the incomparable Shadow, predating even the ultra-iconic Man of Bronze, Doc Savage. One of the principle inspirations for Batman, and quite possibly also the Superman supporting cast, the Phantom Detective’s adventures ran until 1953.

Yet the character remains largely unknown among casual fans of the genre.
The time has come for all of that to change.

Resurrected for the new millennium by writer Aaron M. Shaps and artist Danilo Guida, the Phantom Detective is a two-fisted nocturnal avenger, a master of disguise lurking in the vespertine shadows just beyond the flickering electric glow of our world. He is a man who sees his universe evolving, and is willing to do anything to live up to his pledge: to protect us from unspeakable evils that most men cannot believe truly exist.

Visually inspired by the great noir films, and the art of legendary cutting-edge visual dynamo Steranko, Moonstone’s The Phantom Detective is a psychedelic journey into a pulp-noir universe ripped from your wildest dreams.

Aaron Shaps
Moonstone's "Return of the Originals"
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