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0993. Phantom-Captain Action #1A
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0993. Phantom-Captain Action #1A
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Story: Mike Bullock, Art: Reno Maniquis, Keith Williams
colors: Bob Pedroza
cover:Art Thibert
32pgs, color, $3.99
Together again for the first time!
The Phantom and Captain Action were forever united in the 1960s when the original Captain Action toy was released with a Phantom costume, allowing Cap to transform into the Ghost Who Walks. Now, for the first time, the two timeless titans collide in the first concussive crossover ever created.
When an international intelligence cartel makes a surgical strike for global control, UN committee member Diana Palmer-Walker and her legendary husband are all that stands in their way, but when the Ghost Who Walks goes missing, the only one Diana can turn to is none other than - Captain Action! Don’t miss history in the making!
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