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Airboy & the Airfighters
WW2 flying aces in breath-taking adventure tales!
Captain Midnight
mysterious grim pilot-enemy of saboteurs
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Airfighters #1B
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Airfighters #1B
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stories: Chuck Dixon, Tom DeFalco, Mike Bullock, Len Kody, Jeff Limke, Chris Mills, Joe Gentile
art: Shawn McGuan, Fernando Peniche, Kerry Talbot, Oscar Celestini, Seday Ozgen, Rich Clark, Giovanni Timpano
cover: Rob Schwager
They’re ALL back! It’s an all out AIR WAR as (GI JOE’s) Chuck Dixon, (Spiderman: Clone) Tom Defalco, and (Unknown Solider) Oscar Celestini rev up Airboy and his Airfighters RETURN to the comic page! This 72pg extravaganza features the all new high-flying exploits of Airboy and his revamped compatriots in their very FIRST Moonstone appearance: Skywolf, Black Angel, Flying Dutchman, Iron Ace, Bald Eagle, and the Flying Fool! Plus, a special first tale of Moonstone’s CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT
72pgs, b/w
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