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Kolchak: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
Sherlock Holmes
The world's first consulting detective
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4001. Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak LTD HC
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4001. Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak LTD HC
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Story: Joe Gentile
Art: Andy Bennett, Carlos Magno
Cover: Leonardo Manco 100 pgs, color, 7” x 10” HC, $45.99 This volume contains the entire hard to get best-selling 3 issue mini series! Each book will be signed and numbered by the artist and writer! Limited to 300 copies! Not a dream, not a hoax, not a parallel universe! Two of the most unique investigators of all time try to untangle the same mystery… one hundred years apart from each other! The lawless wild west- the hidden world of Victorian London- the present day hell of Hollywood…there…and back again. …one of the strangest stories never told…
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