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KOLCHAK: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
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402. Kolchak: The Rise and Fall of Carl Kolchak TPB
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402. Kolchak: The Rise and Fall of Carl Kolchak TPB
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Written by Dave Ulanski Art by : Ron Frenz, Chris Burnham, Pat Olliffe, Cover: Joe Jusko 208pgs, 7” x 10”, $19.95 TV’s premiere paranormal investigator returns! "The seatbelt light is off, feel free to move about the country" is the theme here, as Kolchak's gaining popularity sends him to Seattle, to New Orleans, even to Egypt. But who or what has set up our downtrodden reporter's lucky streak... and what sends him headlong into his downward spiral? This collection of "Tales of the Night Stalker" issues 1-7 pits Kolchak against plant monsters, a man-eating shadow, gremlins, Sasquatch, a mummified vampire, Bloody Mary, and even a beautifully seductive demon from Hell. Yes, our favorite report has seen better days- and believe it or not, these are some of them! But how much horror, and tragedy, can one man take?
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