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Kolchak: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
Sherlock Holmes
The world's first consulting detective
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405. Sherlock Holmes/Kolchak: Cry of Thunder #2B Item Name:
405. Sherlock Holmes/Kolchak: Cry of Thunder #2B
Item #:
$4.99  $2.50

Story: Joe Gentile
Art: Carlos Magno, Andy Bennett
Colors: Dave bryant
Kolchak follows Holmes’ investigation of a not so innocent man who voluntarily wants to be imprisoned, a murdered domestic, and a showdown with the world’s deadly anarchist/assassin…then Kolchak uncovers the missing clue…the one thought long since lost to history…the piece of the puzzle that started it all! color, 30 PAGES OF STORY! limited cover by Leonardo Manco
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