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having visions of the future is no guarantee you'll live to see it
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Revisionary: #2
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Revisionary: #2
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$2.95  $1.99

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Story: Paul D. Storrie
Art: EricJ, Inks: Peter Guzman
REVISIONARY/Randall Gordon, the man without a conscience,is haunted by glimpses of tragedies that are going to happen and by nightmares of the ones he doesn’t try to prevent. The chase is on and the clock is running down. Normally, if Randall can't save the victims he sees in premonitions, he's got to live with nightmares of their deaths. This time, if he can't stay one step ahead of the killers coming after Grace Warden, she might not die alone. 32pgs, b/w orig price 2.95
Cover: EricJ, Ken Wolak
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