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ex S.A.S agent forced to do good
Boston Blackie
safecracker, ex-con, mystery solver
Crime Fiction prose
Jack Hagee Private Eye
hard boiled modern day PI
Johnny Dollar
hard boiled insurance investigator
Kolchak: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
Lai Wan
dreamwalker and pychometric who would rather just be left alone
Mr. Keen
a man who can find whoever is lost
Mr. Moto
inscrutable secret agent
Pat Novak for Hire
one tough old PI against the world
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413. Partners in Crime: the novel Item Name:
413. Partners in Crime: the novel
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An original novel, with spot illustrations, that teams up Kolchak, Johnny Dollar, Boston Blackie, Candy Matson, Pat Novak, Blackshirt, Lai Wan, and Jack Hagee, and Mr Keen all in one great adventure! In the final days of WW2, a sinister plan to defeat the allies using black sorcery orig price thwarted, only to be resurrected today in a form even more terrible than before. Now, over six turbulent decades, across multiple continents, and through the darkest alternate dimensions, a force of unimaginable power stands poised to subjugate all of mankind. 6 x 9, 192pgs
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