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Lai Wan
dreamwalker and pychometric who would rather just be left alone
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Lai Wan: #1
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Lai Wan: #1
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Story: CJ Henderson
Art: Shawn McGuan, Inks:Chad Hunt
Colors: Thompson Knox
Cover: Kieran Yanner
Taken directly from the "Teddy London" novel series! Her name is Lai Wan, and if you let her stand in the same room as you, your every dark secret, your every dark mistake—every damning bit of shame and regret within your soul—will be hers, to do with as she pleases. Desperate to stop a serial killer, the police begrudgingly enlist her aid. But what began almost as a joke, bringing a so-called "psychometric" sleuth onto the case, soon spirals far out of their control as LAI WAN's own desire for revenge against the killer goes well beyond any earthly sense of justice. 40pgs, COLOR
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