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Green Hornet & Kato
Johnny Dollar
hard boiled insurance investigator
KOLCHAK: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
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0. Moonstone Double Shot: July '21
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0. Moonstone Double Shot: July '21
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The Green Hornet and Kolchak together for the first time!
All roads lead to a fiery death as cub reporter Kolchak vows to unmask the Green Hornet!
Britt Reid and Kato dog Kolchak as he tracks down a murderer, cracks bad jokes at a gangland shootout, and barrels into a haunted-for-real haunted house attraction at Detroit's new amusement park.
Problem: the House of a Thousand Screams is burning to the ground—and there is no way out! And as a missing woman is found buried in the mud, Johnny Dollar encounters a human monster unlike he has ever met.
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