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fearless and selfless fighter of supercrime that no one else can handle
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0. Hunt The Avenger sc
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0. Hunt The Avenger sc
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ONLY AVAILABLE ON MOONSTONEBOOOKS.com: In the annals of Justice, Inc's battles against spies, crooks, and killer, only one malefactor has escaped the Avenger's clutches not once, but twice- Baron Ulrich Blau-Montag, the half-man, half-machine known as the Iron Skull!

But when Benson and his cohorts partner with the mysterious and saucy Domino Lady to hunt down the demented half-robot, and go on to clash with other supervillains, such as the Nazi spy Werner Konrad and a diabolical weapons dealer known as the Countess, a frightening pattern emerges...are they the creatures of a hidden puppetmaster? And is Benson the hunter? Or the prey?

contains some previously released material as well as brand new tales!
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