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The world's first consulting detective
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0. Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama HC
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0. Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama HC
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After decades in retirement, a wave of kidnappings from London's immigrant quarters brings Sherlock Holmes back to Baker Street. With a Tibetan symbol as the only clue, Holmes is joined by Jethro Dumont, an American recently returned from a decade in Tibet.

Together, these detectives work to capture the man known only as the Heir, a faceless villain that has built his own personal kingdom in the forgotten shadows of London's underground. But Holmes and Dumont will discover that the Heir not only has ties to Holmes's pasts, but also Dumont's future as "the Green Lama."

For the first time ever these two classic characters are brought together in a brand new adventure that glimpses at the end of one hero's journey, and the beginning of another's.

Hardcover edition with illustrations by Mike Fyles!
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