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Airboy & the Airfighters
WW2 flying aces in breath-taking adventure tales!
Accept no caped crusading imitations or horn headed imposters...the Black Bat is back!
sexy siren who will stop at nothing to get justice
Phantom Detective, the
Enter the shadows with the world's greatest sleuth as he takes you on a journey into the psychodelic.
PULP HEROES: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
*99 cents*
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00. Guns of the Black bat #2 (B)
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00. Guns of the Black bat #2 (B)
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$4.25  $0.99

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Someone has poisoned Manhattan’s water supply and is turning both humans and animals in to de-evolved monsters and beasts. Only the Black Bat and his assembled team, Phantom Detective, Domino Lady, I.V. Frost and Nighthawk, can hope to stem the nightmare tide and save their city before it is too late. 32pgs, b/w
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