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Black Bat, the
Accept no caped crusading imitations or horn headed imposters...the Black Bat is back!
Pulp Heroes: The Originals
Return of the ORIGINALS!
Spider, the
The most relentless and violent crime fighter of all time
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004. The SPIDER: Extreme Prejudice Item Name:
004. The SPIDER: Extreme Prejudice
Item #:

New short stories of SEARING WHITE HOT PROSE starring pulpdom’s most violent and ruthless crime fighter ever: THE SPIDER!

More just than the law, more dangerous than the Underworld...hated, feared and wanted by both!
One cloaked, fanged, border-line crazy denizen of the dark force-feeding hard justice with a pair of 45's!

Guest starring: The Black Bat, The Green Ghost, and Operator 5!

282 pgs.
In Stock!
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In Stock!
The Black Bat
The Black Bat
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