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Airboy & the Airfighters
WW2 flying aces in breath-taking adventure tales!
Captain Midnight
mysterious grim pilot-enemy of saboteurs
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84. Airboy: Dangerous Liaisons TPB
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84. Airboy: Dangerous Liaisons TPB
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Airboy and the Airfighters tpb:

Story: Chuck Dixon, Tom DeFalco, etc
Art: Lito Fernandez, Oscar Celestini, etc.
Cover: Tom Grindberg
7” x 10”, grayscale, 256pgs, $19.95

The first ever Airboy TPB!
This volume collects the Airboy 1942 Special, the 2 issues of the Airfighters, PLUS a remastered “Air Vixens”, and an ALL NEW team up of all the Airfighters!
Airboy’s first meeting with Valkyrie!... The female Airfighters on their own!...World War 2 action and adventure mixed with aerial derring-do!
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