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Horror  >  Vampire the Masquerade
Join us in exploring the noir/goth White Wolf universe of "Vampire the Masquerade."

Hidden agends, political powerplays, secret trysts, and self preservation, are part of everyday existence.
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Vampire the Masquerade: TPB vol.2
Vampire the Masquerade: TPB vol.2- Robert Weinberg, Richaed Clark, James Lowder, Vince Locke, Eric Griffin, Stefan Petrucha,Jerry DeCaire, Andy Bennett, Ken Wolak, Eddy Newell
Sold Out
Vampire the Masquerade: TPB vol.3
Vampire the Masquerade: TPB vol.3- Mike Reynolds, Bryan Edwards, Chris Marrinan, Paul Mounts, Eddy Newell,
Sold Out
Vampire the Masquerade: Ventrue
Vampire the Masquerade: Ventrue- Rafael Nieves, Andy Bennett, Thomas Mason, Ken Meyer Jr.
$6.95  $1.99
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Featured Items
099. The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files  sc
099. The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files sc
Robin Wayne Bailey, Will Murray, David Michelinie, Win Scott Eckert, Mark Ellis, Matthew Baugh, Ron Fortier, Howard Hopkins, Barry Reese, Eric Fein, Frank Schlidiner, Chris Paul Carey, Chris Bell, E.M. Gist
$18.95  $12.95
In Stock!

01. Savage Beauty TPB
01. Savage Beauty TPB
Mike Bullock, Paul Gulacy
$11.99  $4.99
In Stock!


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