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Western  >  Cisco Kid
Harboring a dark secret known only to one other, the CISCO KID looks for meaning in a squalid life of crime and violence.

He knows he has crossed the line.
The memory possesses him like a demon.
But he was driven there by lies and deceit... from the one he trusted most of all.

Now he seeks salvation, redemption.
Titles and Issues
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Wyatt Earp vs Cisco Kid: Two Gun pack
Wyatt Earp vs Cisco Kid: Two Gun pack- Chuck Dixon, Len Kody, Enrique Villagran, EricJ, Dave Bryant, Andy B, Kalman
$7.98  $2.99
In Stock!
Wyatt Earp: Justice Riders GN (direct market)
Wyatt Earp: Justice Riders GN (direct market)- Richard Dean Starr, Dan Dougherty
Sold Out
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052. Of Monsters and Men HC
052. Of Monsters and Men HC
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In Stock!

01. Savage Beauty TPB
01. Savage Beauty TPB
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$11.99  $4.99
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