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Dark mysteries and unusual crime lurk behind every corner, from Baker Street to the West End.

There's no one better, in all of Victorian England, than the Master Detective SHERLOCK HOLMES, to sort through the sordid details.
Titles and Issues
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00. Sherlock Holmes- Kolchak: Cry for Thunder sc
Joe Gentile, Doug Klauba
In Stock!
00. Sherlock Holmes: Crossovers Casebook HC
THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM ONLY. Product due Dec '15. MOONSTONEBOOKS.com EXCLUSIVE! Super Limited Edition! content same as sc, but printed on superior paper and a new cover painting by Mike Fyles!
In Stock!
000. Domino LAdy" Sex as a Weapon sc 2nd pr
PROSE: Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon SC-(UJ)-Nancy Holder, Chuck Dixon,James Chambers, Martin Powell,CJ Henderson, Gail McCabee,Ron Fortier,& Bobby Nash,Uwe Jarling
In Stock!
000. Sherlock Holmes and Kolchak: Cry for Thunder HC novel
Joe Gentile, Doug Klauba, Nancy Holder
In Stock!
000. Sherlock Holmes: Crossovers Casebook
collection of new Holmes stories-team ups with historical characters! Barbara Hambly, Howard Hopkins, Joe Gentile, Richard Dean Starr, Timothy Lantz, Don Roff, Martin Powell, Matthew Baugh, Chris Sequiera, Will Murray, Win Scott Eckert, Matthew Mayo
In Stock!
0001. Sherlock Holmes-Kolchak Cry for Thunder HC signed
Internet EXCLUSIVE! Signed by the author! Joe Gentile, Doug Klauba
Sold Out
001. Domino Lady & Sherlock Holmes #2A
Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash, James Brown, Mark Sparacio
In Stock!
002. Domino Lady-Sherlock Holmes #2B
Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash, James Brown, Mark Sparacio
In Stock!
003. Domino Lady- Sherlock Holmes #1(A)
Nancy Holder, Reno Maniquis, James Brown, Paul Niemeyer
In Stock!
Featured Items
01. Domino Lady magnet
01. Domino Lady magnet
2" x 3" magnet
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055. Of Monsters and Men sc
055. Of Monsters and Men sc
New comic and prose stories of pulp characters: The Green Lama, Moon Man, The Green Ghost, Richard Knight, Captain Future, Golden Amazon, and more!
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